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Winwin Terms and Conditions


By reading the following Rules, bettors will find out more about the manner of accepting bets, payouts, and disputes that may arise during their interaction with Winwin. Moreover, some specific bets that players can place on certain sports are also described. These Rules define the relationship between players and the bookmaker.

The Rules below apply to the Winwin website and betting facilities.


This is an agreement between the bookmaker and the customer under the Rules for eventual winnings. This agreement is concluded for a particular event with an undetermined outcome. All bets at Winwin are accepted by the bookmaker under the conditions that are offered by Winwin.


The result of a certain event on which the customer has placed a bet.


A user of Winwin services who places bets with the bookmaker.

Bet Cancellation

This is a situation when the bet is not settled and the payouts are not paid. According to the Rules, if the bet is canceled, an arrangement between the customer and the bookmaker is deemed concluded. The amount of the bet is refunded to the customer’s account.

Regular Time

The regular time is the duration of a particular sports game. It includes the time added by the referee. Penalty shootouts and extra time are not included in regular time.

General Terms and Conditions

To become a customer of the website, a user has to accept the terms and conditions. If they change, all the existing users have the right to discontinue using the services if they do not agree with the changes. The terms and conditions update are effective two weeks after they are announced. If users do agree with new conditions, they simply accept them and continue using the bookmaker’s services.

Winwin is a betting website that is operated by ALASIA SOFT B.V., a company that is regulated by the government of Curacao (License Number 1668/JAZ). Avoid overgambling. Placing bets and playing online casino games may be addictive.

  1. Bets are accepted from individuals who are 18 years of age or older in their countries. You should also agree to the Rules of this website. Customers should be held liable for violations of this regulation. By creating an account at Winwin and placing bets, you confirm that you don’t have any gambling addictions.
  2. Users that do not meet the conditions of the website can’t participate in the betting or gambling activities. The following individuals are not allowed to bet here:
    1. Bettors who are under 18 at the time they place a bet;
    2. Persons who directly participate in the event, such as athletes, coaches, team owners, representatives of the club management, or any other persons that may be directly interested in or influence the outcome of the event. Any persons acting on their behalf or affiliating them is also not allowed to participate in any betting activities at Winwin;
    3. Betting activities on the website are restricted to representatives of other bookmaker companies;
    4. Users who are restricted from participating in bookmaker’s activities.
  3. Access to the bookmaker and participation in the betting activities may be prohibited in some countries, including the United States, Cyprus, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and more. We do not attract, by any means, players from countries where gambling or betting activities are prohibited by law. 
  4. If the website is available in one of those countries or the official language of such country is among languages that Winwin offers to its customers, it shouldn’t be considered an invitation or authorization for users to join our website, deposit funds, or withdraw any possible winnings. The availability of the website to players from such countries can’t be considered a proposal or invitation to take part in gambling or betting activities.
  5. Users are responsible for establishing whether they are able to access or participate in the website’s activities or not in accordance with their countries’ legislation. If you create an account and place bets and/or play online casino games, you confirm that you come from a jurisdiction where betting or gambling are allowed and there are no obstacles that may prevent you from participating in such activities. Users should also guarantee that they have received all the necessary legal advice before they create their accounts on the website. In the event that we find out that a customer comes from a jurisdiction where gambling or betting is prohibited, we reserve the right to close such accounts and refund any remaining money to your account upon closure. All the eventual winnings that were made when users were using such accounts will be deducted.
  6. Winwin reserves the right to refuse any bets coming from players who do not stick to the Rules. Also, we reserve the right to refuse any bets that are made by players who violate public order or social standards.
  7. The bookmaker company has the right to refuse any bets coming from its customers without disclosing the reason.
  8. All bets are settled based on the information that comes from the processing center.
  9. Payouts are done by Winwin within thirty (30) days from the date of official announcement of the results of the latest match in the bet slip.
  10. If a customer places a bet and all the outcomes specified there are predicted correctly, such bet is deemed won.
  11. Terms of betting, such as odds, betting markets, and maximum and minimum limits, may be changed even after a customer places a bet. However, such amendments will not affect the terms at the moment the stake is placed. Make sure that you have checked all the conditions of a particular bet before placing it.
  12.  If any technical failures occur or the streams aren’t finished, eSports bets will be refunded only if the bets weren’t settled by the company.
  13. If our employees make any errors when accepting a bet, the accepted bet does not meet the Rules or there are any other facts that indicate that the bet was wrong, the company reserves the right to void the bet. All the returns will be paid at odds of one.
  14. If there is an obvious error in a particular bet, it will be settled based on the outcome at the effective odds that are applicable for a certain market.
  15. If the behaviour of the athletes is suspicious, the bookmaker reserves the right to block bets on the event even before the decision of the international organization. Moreover, we have the right to declare such bets invalid. Regardless of the results of such matches, the bets will be refunded with a coefficient of 1. The bookmaker is not obliged to disclose or provide any evidence about such cases to users.
  16. Winwin works in tight cooperation with a lot of international organizations and sports associations. The bookmaker is committed to ensuring fair play. We do recognize that manipulations in sports are linked to criminal acts. The company works in compliance with various international documents, including Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. 
  17. Our website voids all bets that are under suspicion. We also do not settle bets that are placed from other accounts, third-party accounts, etc. The bookmaker voids bets that are placed by customers with unusual behavior or activity. 
  18. Once the Rules of the website are updated, we notify our customers about such changes. All bets that were accepted by the bookmaker after a certain date are subject to such amendments. Bets that were placed prior to such amendments taking place are considered settled before the update.
  19. If a bet is received by the bookmaker but the customer has a connection failure, the bet is considered accepted and settled. 
  20. If a customer places a bet at Winwin, he or she accepts that they agree with the Rules.
  21. Bets are settled, and winnings are determined based on the results that are announced by Winwin. Any complaints about the results, the starting time, or the date will be considered only with official documents from national or international sports organizations.
  22. The bookmaker does not consider any complaints related to the transliteration of the names of squads or sports venues. All the names of competitions are provided for players’ convenience. No mistakes in transliterations or translations of the titles shall result in refunds.
  23. The bookmaker is not responsible for any indirect, collateral, or incidental losses or damages to its customers.
  24. The company reserves the right to make any amendments to these Rules and add new or updated provisions to the document. All the changes take place immediately after they are published on the website of the bookmaker.
  25. If you place a bet at Winwin, you are aware of the odds and the risks of losing your money.
  26. All deposits and withdrawals can be accessed through the My Account menu.


  1. Players are allowed to have only one registered account at Winwin. Users can create only one account per address, family, email, IP address, credit or debit card, or any other banking option. Any person that is associated with a customer is restricted from creating accounts on the website.
  2. Customers are not allowed to create second or multiple accounts at Winwin. 
  3. The customer’s account can be suspended or blocked in the event of:
    1. Duplicate registration.
    2. Rules breaches.
    3. Doubts about the identity of the player or the data that they have provided.
    4. Any fraud activities that were committed by a player or a person that acts in the interest of the player may include, but are not limited to:
      1. Use of stolen bank cards to deposit funds.
      2. Any activities that are illegal in the applicable jurisdiction are committed by the international or deliberately. 
      3. The customer knew the result of the match before the event took place. 
      4. The player had the possibility to influence the outcome of the match (the customer is a coach, referee, or athlete) or act on behalf of such persons.
      5. Bets that were played by a group of individuals in order to exceed the limitations set by Winwin or any other activities conducted by the customer or a group of customers in order to take unfair advantage of the bookmaker’s services.
      6. The customer is using any type of software or hardware that is designed to automate betting process or to find and use any errors or bugs in the bookmaker’s software that can lead to positive betting results. 
  4. The bookmaker reserves the right to request any documentation from the bettor to confirm his or her identity. In addition, the company reserves the right to suspend any account activities or payments if the bookmaker’s management does not have enough details to confirm player’s identity.
  5. The identity process may include a video conference and the request for the documents to be sent by post. The verification process may take up to 72 hours from the moment that the customer has provided all the documents that meet the quality requirements. If the company has any proof that the data provided by the customer is irrelevant or not valid, it has the right to void all bets, suspend or cancel all types of transactions, and proceed with a more detailed account verification.
  6. If the customer refuses to complete the verification process, the bookmaker has the right to void all the bets. Furthermore, the company has the right to block a suspicious account or take any other steps, including but not limited to freezing funds until the account is verified by the player. 
  7. Until the investigation is over, the company reserves the right to make any decisions that it considers reasonable, including:
    1. To block the account and all the connected or suspicious accounts.
    2. To void all bonuses, free bets, and free spins that were used by duplicate accounts.
    3. To cancel all winnings and restore balance at the start of the investigation. We also reserve the right to refund any sums that are owed to the bookmaker from any of the customer’s accounts.
    4. The company has the right to recognize the customer’s main account as valid and allow betting from it in exceptional cases. All bets placed from other connected accounts will be void, and these accounts will be blocked by the bookmaker.
  8. All sensitive information, including password, login, and email address, that was used during the registration process should be kept by the player himself. Bet cancellation should go in accordance with the Rules. If login or password or both come into possession of any third party, the customer shall notify the bookmaker and change their username and password. The customer shall not disclose any withdrawal codes or codes for changing email address, phone number, etc.
  9. The customer recognizes that any activities that are conducted from their accounts are performed by themselves. The account holder takes full responsibility for accessing their accounts.
  10. Should the account be inactive for three months, the bookmaker has the right to block it. To unblock it, the customer should send a request to the bookmaker’s security team.
  11. Users with blocked accounts will not be authorized to have access to all websites that are related to ALASIA SOFT B.V. 
  12. The provisions of these terms and conditions are in place to ensure the security and integrity of all websites that are associated with ALASIA SOFT B.V. Such policies are conducted to protect the business interests of the bookmaker

Deposits and Withdrawals

The bookmaker offers various ways to deposit and withdraw money. Customers can find all the banking options available in the Payments menu. Withdrawal requests are processed around the clock. The security team of the bookmaker is entitled to:

  • Cancel all cash withdrawals if the customer deposited via electronic payment options.
  • Refuse withdrawals if the deposit or withdrawal sums are inconsistent with the bets placed by the customer.
  • Refuse any withdrawal if the customer’s account is misused. The bookmaker’s security team will request a verification process. After the customer completes account identification, the withdrawal will take place.

We do not recommend to our customers the following activities:

  • Transfer money from one payment system to another.
  • Conduct depositing and withdrawal operations without placing bets.

If customers do the above, the funds will be returned to their accounts.

Players can withdraw funds using the same banking options that were used during the deposit transactions. 

The company may refuse any transactions via electronic wallets and provide the customer with a bank transfer alternative. The bookmaker may also restrict access to one or more payment methods that players use to deposit and withdraw funds.

The administration of the website does not recommend that customers use someone else’s payment options to deposit and withdraw money. We reserve the right to suspend and refuse such transactions without prior notification. Withdrawals can also be denied if the payment method does not belong to the account holder.

Winwin reserves the right not to reimburse service charges that it usually reimburses. In some cases, the company has the right to initiate verification of the customer’s transactions and request additional data about the customer’s payment methods.

The company may block the customer’s account at any point during the personal identification process. According to the conditions of some payment methods, the verification process can take up to 180 days. The bookmaker has the right to refuse withdrawals if the customer does not meet the company’s Rules. 

Service fees are charged when the customer deposits or withdraws funds using the Bitcoin system. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Winwin provides customers with access to several bonuses and promotions. This section of the general terms covers such bonus programs. All promotions are available for registered users only. Customers are required to provide all the necessary information about themselves and fill out all the fields in their accounts in order to receive bonuses.

To participate in the bonus program of Winwin, customers shall tick the Take Part in Bonus Offers box. 

The bookmaker has the right to review all players’ activities and transactions for any reason. If the company’s security team notices any activities that breach the Rules or do not meet the company’s conditions, the bookmaker reserves the right to void any bonuses from the customer’s account.

One customer can receive only one bonus per address, family, IP address, email, shared computer, etc. Any abuse of this rule will result in the immediate bonus void. The account in question will be closed until the investigation is over.

The bookmaker reserves the right to request that customers verify their accounts at any moment. Failure of the verification process will result in the bonus being void. The bookmaker can, at its own discretion, request photographic evidence of the player holding their identity document.

In the event that the company’s security team discovers any abuse of the bonus program, it reserves the right to void any bonuses from the customer’s account and even block it.

Bonus terms and conditions can be changed at any time. Also, the company reserves the right to suspend promotions and even close them at any moment.

Welcome Bonus

To receive a welcome bonus, players are required to create accounts and make deposits. The bonus has a validity period. If the customer is unable to wager the bonus during this period, the bonus is considered lost. 

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are available to active customers who make daily transactions. To participate in this program, players are required to make deposits. The bonus is considered lost if the validity period expires. 


Winwin provides customers with gifts and special bonuses that require deposits to be made in order to receive them. Gifts may include, but are not limited to, free spins and free bets with or without wagering requirements. They may also come in the form of promo codes for free spins and bonus money.  

Such promotions may have their own conditions and requirements. Customers shall read them before activating any particular bonus in order to avoid misunderstandings. A gift may be provided to players in two ways. It can be credited immediately to the bonus account or sent via a promo code. The latter should be entered in the appropriate section of the website.

Players can use gifts without making additional deposits. However, in order to be able to use money that was won with such gifts, you may be required to meet some conditions.

A customer may activate only one gift at a time. Others may be wagered, inactive, or cancelled.